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Top 10 Brand / Best Laptop Brands 2013

on this occasion that I will discuss is the Top 10 brand laptop with the best quality in the year 2013. As we know that there are so many brands of laptop on the market, and some of which dominate the Indonesian market include brand laptop with Asus, Acer, Toshiba and Lenovo. But we will discuss here is not the most popular brand in Indonesia but the brand with the best quality in the world, and the following is a list of 10 Brand / Brand Laptop with the best quality in the year 2013: 

10. Micro-Star International
Micro-Star International, also known as MSI and is one of the brands that lately the light began to fade.MSI has been manufacturing computer hardware, notebook and laptop computers since 1986 and is one of the world's largest IT manufacturers. Now MSI does not have many other competing models such as the laptop, but the laptop from MSI product still remains one of the best, especially for gaming. 

9. Dell
Dell ranks ninth sebagain laptop manufacturers with the best quality in the world. They have a very high concern for their customers, and is one product that is in the interest today. In addition to the familiar with Dell, they are also known by the name of Alienware. Yaph, we all would have been familiar with the name alienware not? Alienware in Indonesia may still be quite difficult to find, but if you are looking for a laptop with the best ability to number 1 in the affairs of game play, then Alienware is the only option that is most appropriate for you. 

8. Toshiba
Toshiba certainly can be the best brand if you're looking for a laptop at an affordable price with excellent quality for everyday use. Toshiba laptop with the brand has more than enough durability for long-term use, they have quite a lot of types of affordable laptops for the Indonesian people. But if you are looking for a toshiba laptop with great ability, you have to spend more money for that desire.

 7. Acer
Acer has been getting a lot of attention lately after they launched the Acer Aspire laptop series. This brand seems to have mushroomed all over the world even though the price is not affordable compared to other brands. Once they found a lot of complaints from users about security especially poor and slow hard drive.Some of the latest models acer has more than enough ability to play 3D games right now, but the price is not affordable for the middle class down. However another series of acer laptop is still very much in the interest of, well is not because the quality is good, but because they were cheaper than other brands. 


Asus to be the product most in interest in recent years, they are quite keen to see the development of the market and been able to toss their name after memperoduksi laptop with good capabilities for gaming but certainly with a cheap and affordable price. But even so, Asus includes bad about the keyboard and touchpad response and also support their customers who are not too good. 

5. Lenovo
Lenovo has a fairly priced slightly more expensive than other brands, but the quality and capabilities of their products beyond the top 6-10 above. Lenovo is often the first choice when a want to buy quality branded laptops, although a little pricey but they are not lacking in all respects, be it design, hardware or on other features. They are very good in all areas such as sound, graphics, keyboard, touchpad and screen, and is considered as the best brand for a Windows laptop.

 4. Samsung

Samsung is a very old brand that produces many electronic products including home appliances such as television, freezer, air conditioner, washing machine and much more. After great success in the series Smart Phone Samsung Galaxy S, they also improve the quality of their products, especially laptop series to be launched. Average price of Samsung laptops may be around $ 500-600, they also have the best notebook for gaming that you can have after at least spend more than $ 1,500. It is pricey but as the saying goes PRICE NEVER LIE, samsung laptop in production can give you great services in accordance with the money you spend. 

3. HP
HP is one of the oldest brands of laptop and after merging with Compaq it has become more widely known than ever. This brand is known for making a lot of standard laptops has a remarkable quality. Well, the laptop from HP is be a bit more expensive but the price is a decent price for the products they launch.Recently they also started producing cheap notebook for gaming is its ability not inferior to ASUS and Acer, which cost less than $ 500. HP is usually more focused on the sound and the graphics part because they think these days a lot into consideration the buyers, so do not be surprised if in any HP branded laptops have graphics and sound quality better than other brands. 

2. Sony
Just like Samsung, Sony also an old brand and manufacturer of thousands of electronic products. Sony has become the most popular brand over the last few decades and especially in the electronic world is no exception with their laptops. Laptop with sony brand has advantages in performance, a great keyboard, good battery life and reliable hardware. There are many colors that are available when you choose a Sony laptop and multimedia features of each series they fully variable alias is not the same. 

1. Apple
Apple was ranked first as producer of 2013 best laptop in this. Apple does not have enough laptop models but the cost of their products worth around $ 1000 USD. Apple is very professional in making high quality products, good design, keyboard, battery and other hardware was flawless and did not disappoint. They are also very friendly and good at giving support to those customers who have problems with their products. This is a list of the 10 best laptop brand or brand in 2013 this. Hopefully can provide benefits and can be taken into consideration especially for those of you who are want to buy a laptop with price, quality and the ability to match your desire.

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Top 10 Brand / Best Laptop Brands 2013

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